Foundation Stage

Every child deserves the best possible environment to start their education and our Foundation Stage program has been explicitly designed


Primary & Elementary

The curriculum at the primary and elementary school levels continues to build an understanding of the concepts learned earlier.


Secondary School

At the secondary level, FSCS offers a well-integrated educational program designed to help all types of students. We accommodate both national


Distinct Programs

Contemporary world requires creativity and innovation along with strong decision making skills. Project-based learning being


Why Choose FSCS


  • Pre & Post Operational Support
  • School Building Customization
  • Nationwide Marketing
  • Smart Blend of Portal & Technology
  • Complete Set of School Operation Manuals
  • Mentoring Sessions

Exclusive Program

  • Tafheem-e-Deen
  • Moral Sciences Program
  • Personality Development & Grooming
  • Forces Shadow & National Program
  • Shades of Military Values & Ethos
  • Imparting Life Support Skills